Grace and Holy Spirit Church is an Episcopal

and ELCA Lutheran Christian faith community.


We have been sharing worship together under one roof for over a decade. In June 2014, on Pentecost Sunday, we voted to formally merge together under New York State law as a Religious Association with the name Grace and Holy Spirit Church. The vote was unanimous! Like other similar congregations around the country, we are led by a shared board and we share both Episcopal and ELCA Lutheran traditions when we pray together.


While not the biggest congregation around, we remain a stable presence of mainline Chrisitan faith in the heart of downtown Cortland. In a contemporary social environment in which we see many churches closing and more and more people expressing no religious affiliation at all, Grace and Holy Spirit Church stays vital and grows with the addition of new members. With a history of reaching out to the hungry and the poor, the broken, and people with disabilities we look to a bright future as a small church that makes a difference in the world, for Christ!

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